Last Call for Old Rates

I wanted to mention on my personal blog that I have 5 slots left for anyone seeking my services before my rates increase.

I work one-on-one with clients to help them live better lives; whatever your goal(s) may be at this point in your life.  I help you transform your thinking so that your actions align with your intended outcome.   Often your thinking pattern is linked to an incident you feel you can consciously overcome but subconsciously disagree.

Rather than go on and on about what I do and why, feel free to contact me.  My current rates are $300/month which includes access to me every day of the week.  Yes, I am that serious about helping my clients overcome their obstacles!  No, you will not find anyone else with rates that compare to mine.

Have a great week!

Comment below or contact me via email at

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The “Resolution” Alternative

Happy New Year!!

If you happen to be worried about keeping your resolution(s) this year then try an alternative method that I am using.

I have considered a list of things that I want to be different this year BUT instead of me working on the desired outcomes first, I am working on the underlying issues.

For example, many people have “organization” on their list.  Instead of doing the same thing you have done for the past ninety years, try something new.  Do not clean the entire house on your day off and then let it pile up until the next holiday or day off.  While you are cleaning for 15 minutes a day, work on your mind and figure out WHY it is so difficult for you to stay organized.  You can even flip the script and determine why you have a hard time staying organized and once you work on your mindset then two or three months from now, (if it takes you that long) you can start organizing.  You should notice that once you are organized, you begin to stay organized.  Take small steps in the beginning and once you have it down, make the steps a bit bigger and then maintain!  Sometimes the issue is that you want something NOW and then forget to maintain or you get too drained to maintain.  Consider smaller steps once you address the mind and after you take the smaller steps and are successful for a while, make slightly bigger steps and then maintain that pace.  If a step is too big for you to maintain for the long run then scale back a bit.

In the end, make this year about fixing the underlying mindset that you have in certain areas and you will be on track for the desired outcome you have been seeking.

**Yes, I am available to coach you.  Contact me for more info:**

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Barley Dish – Per Linda’s Suggestion (Almost)

Okay, so I was supposed to fix a barley and lentil soup using vegetable broth and vegetables I desired in my dish.  You know I usually tweak foods so this is what I came up with:

I sauteed three handfuls of sliced mushrooms, two green bell peppers, and a little less than half an onion.  Once they were all tender to my liking, I poured in some water and let it get warm (so I could figure out my next steps).  I did not want to add broth because I was afraid it would add too much salt.  I did not want to add salt or pepper because I may over-season the dish.

I decided to let the dish cook as is so that I wouldn’t mess up my yummy sautee work.  I had no idea what the barley was supposed to do so I just let it cook and cook per the bag for at least 45 minutes.  Now, I did not watch the time but I went in the kitchen and saw barley versus before when the barley sunk to the bottom of the pan.

That there barley drank up all the water so I turned off the stove and sat down to build up courage to eat my barley dish.  It wasn’t soup because the water was gone; just barely gone so the pan was not bone dry.

I got a dish and put all of the ingredients into my dish and tasted it.  It was good.  Barley has a texture that is described as “chewy” on the bag but it isn’t chewy like gum or anything.  I went back for seconds and added a dash of salt to my dish (not the pan).

Overall, it is a yummy dish because I’ve really had like 5 “seconds” so this is technically my sixth serving but that’s TMI.  Will I fix this dish again?  Yes, I still have an entire bag left minus one cup of barley!  Will I happily eat it?  Yes!  Will I tweak it?  I would not be me if I didn’t tweak a dish.  I can probably add another veggie OR find a way to add more seasoning to it without adding salt to the dish.

Thank you, Linda for the comment on my previous post to give me this idea.  I may try the lentils this way later but it would have been too much for me to do barley and lentils together.

Here are pictures of uncooked barley, the sauteed veggies I put in my dish, and the finished dish itself (still in my cast iron skillet).

Uncooked Barley Barley Base Barley Dish

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Cranberry Orange Salad and Snack

This is what I had over the weekend and it was good and yummy for my tummy!

My salad is an italian blend so it comes with romaine, radicchio, and red cabbage.  To the salad base, I added one whole orange that I broke into pieces (with its juice), one avocado, and two handfuls of cranberries.  I tossed it all together to make sure the avocado blended as well as the orange juice and pieces.  I did not add anything else because my stomach said it was time to eat!

For snack I had an orange and one heaping handful of cranberries.  I wanted to make sure I ate two cranberries with each piece of orange but sometimes I ate 4 cranberries with one piece of orange.  I think it was done on purpose so I could have orange pieces alone.  I love oranges!

Enjoy the pictures:

Cranberry Orange Salad Cranberry Orange Snack

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Suggestions Please – Food

I have some lentils and pearled barley in my pantry.  Does anyone have a yummy suggestion for me to try (and a recipe or rough guidance) using either of these ingredients in a simple dish?

If I try your idea then I will post about it afterwards (with pictures).

I figure it is the best time for me to experiment with unfamiliar foods while my daughter is gone.  If I have the slightest frown on my face she will never taste the food.  If it is good and yummy for my tummy I can continue to move her toward trying new foods.

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Healthy Eating

I have been talking about healthy eating for a good portion of my day so why not do a post on it!  This is your non-traditional post on healthy eating.  Plenty of information to share with you but I know my readers enjoy challenges so two challenges I give each of you on your quest for healthy eating.  Ready??

In no particular order, try to implement these two for as many meals as possible and you will be well on your way.

– Eat with friends or family.  I do not typically eat with blood relatives because I move around so much but the family that I adopt (that accepts me as their own) and friendships that I establish… I enjoy eating and great conversation with each and every one of them throughout the many years and moves of my life.  We do not rush while eating and the atmosphere is just right for fine dining.  If you are reading this and I have shared any time eating with you then “thank you”.  Eating is one of those sacred times for me.  I do not want to ever eat in the company of anyone who upsets, stresses, or brings me negative energy.  I can go on but try to increase the number of times you eat WITH someone.

– Take the time to enjoy your food.  This one is fun!  With each bite you take, enjoy every aspect of your food.  See if you can identify the seasonings used to flavor your food.  If you have no seasonings on your food (like my orange) then describe each food.  Have you ever tried to describe your food in detail?  Have you ever checked in with yourself to see if that food energized, hydrated, dehydrated, drained, or left you feeling any other way after eating it?  While this one takes time, it also helps you with portion control.

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A Smooth(ie) Compromise

I am so happy that my daughter is making great strides to eat healthier.  Yes, I could be one of those parents that make their children eat this and that but I was raised that way and refuse to raise my daughter that way.  I DO educate her on her eating habits and make her do essays on the effects of eating and exercise habits of several countries (including the United States).  I want my daughter to be an informed eater.

Back to the topic of this post…

Today my daughter was eager to share a smoothie with me but I did not want HER type of smoothie.  I do not like any type of sweetener added to my smoothies but as she adjusts her tastebuds she likes about one tablespoon of sugar in hers (I think it’s mental).  She wanted a plain strawberry-mango smoothie while I wanted extras in mine.  I did not want the sugar but I was compromising.  Once I poured her 16oz serving, I added about 3/4 cup of oats and a handful of cashews into the Vitamix, blended it together and had my own yummy treat.

After a quick meeting and mall run we came back home where I fixed a smoothie and added a cup of uncooked oatmeal to it.  I had to get my unsweetened smoothie in for the day.

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