Cooler Weather Means…

It is cooler in many parts of the United States these days than it was last month.

I have been called a hippie, a treehugger, and everything else funny that people think of when they try to sum up my preferred lifestyle in one word.

I would like to take this time to remind everyone to bare the cooler and even colder weather these days and open up your windows and doors on a regular basis to get the old air out and fresh air inside your homes.

If you desire a light scent in your home then put some essential oils to work.  We currently have a mason jar that I put about an inch of white rice in and mixed peppermint, lemon, and orange essential oils.  My daughter closed the jar for about an hour and four days later, you can still get hints of the scent.  However, we are coming up on the days when she will prefer the essential oils of her choice to be dropped directly on the floors throughout our home.

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil

If you are like me and have many different essential oils in your home, here is one way to use it.

First of all, we use essential oils to scent our home and our homemade skin and hair products.  We are always mixing different oils to make different scents in our home.  My daughter was making a skin cream that she loves so we pulled all the bottles out to make a combination smell.  While we did come up with some really nice smells in general, it would be too risky to put those beautiful scents on top of shea butter.

After having fun with my daughter, it was time for me to take a shower.  I took a piece of cotton ball (that’s how we smell different combinations) and put a dab of eucalyptus oil on it and rubbed it on the walls inside the shower.  Though the cotton ball was small, it spread the oil all over the place for me and made my shower super enjoyable.

I have also done this with peppermint oil.  Lemon oil was not strong enough for my liking in the shower so I will stick with peppermint and eucalyptus.

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Psalm 18:1 (NIV)

Psalm 18:1 (NIV)

1  I love you, Lord, my strength.

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Exercise and Water Challenge (Final Update)

Okay, these are no longer challenges for me so I will update everyone and find another challenge to better myself in some area.

In addition to drinking water in larger amounts on my own, I was asked to participate in a hot water challenge by a friend (who loves challenges as well).  Quick details of his challenge include drinking 20oz of hot water at least 30 minutes before each meal and having two snacks throughout the day that are whole fruits.

Exercising is so much better with that added accountability of a gym membership.  I mean, for real, there is NO way I am about to give away money like that.  In a safe way, I am making sure I am also lifting weights that are NOT in my own home.  For example, I want calves that scream “look at me” so my daughter and I are currently using the calf machine (not its real name) and have the weight set to 180 and we do 3 sets of 30.  Next time we will raise it up about 10 pounds, lower our reps to about 8, and maintain the sets of 3.

You know, I have my next challenge!  I need to increase our protein, which will help those muscles form and toning occur.  I am not a huge meat-eater so I will be looking for mother-daughter approved forms of protein.  While I can eat many plant-based, non-soy, nut-included proteins, my daughter is far from enjoying a bowl of beans or dipping anything into homemade hummus.

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Be Friendly

I have encountered many people who have been in a relationship/friendship with someone that was less than ideal for them OR who desire a romantic relationship but fail to enter into such a relationship. Perhaps this can help you start getting on track.

Despite the type of relationship you desire, make sure that the person is a true friend. Yes, I hear you! You want a romantic relationship, not another friend. Think about it. If you enter a romantic relationship without being true friends or best friends then you run the risk of someone always putting their best foot forward for the sake of impressing the other person. After a while, this will get tiring and the real person will show up.

This step is easy, or should be easy. If you do not have a great foundation for true friends then you must have this in place prior to looking for more friends or a romantic relationship. If your foundation is shaky then expect nothing less from the relationship.

If you have healthy standards for friends and live an active life then you are well on your way. Your friends (male or female) will share some of your passions. If you love the gym then be open to your next friend being at the gym, health food store, or your next walk/run for charity. When you have more than one passion or live an active life then you open up your chances for exposure (being seen and seeing). Also consider being flexible with your passion. If you have a membership at gym with multiple locations then visit another location occasionally.

The biggest action, once you determine you are honestly ready for a friendship, is to be friendly!

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Update on Intense Exercise Challenge

After I completed my volunteer work on Saturday, I noticed that my thighs were a bit sore.  That’s what you call good pain from working out the previous day.

Yesterday we took a drive to a nearby city and instead of driving all around, we walked around a portion of the city for 3.5 hours.  I had (on previous days) worked my arms, abs, calves, and thigh muscles (no technical terms here).  All of those muscles decided to give me that good pain on my walking day!  Prior to yesterday, I was wondering if my intense 30- minute workouts were intense enough.

I’m on track and will continue with another three days of 30-minute intense workouts this week.  Some exercises I do on my own and others I do using a workout guide on the television.

If you want to join me then feel free to do so.  If you want me to describe what exercises I am doing then leave a comment so I will know you are interested.

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I enjoy volunteering as a means of helping others and meeting new people.

This past weekend I did some work for Habitat for Humanity and had a great time.  For those of you unfamiliar with my size from past posts, I am smaller in stature.  Now that I have put that out there, here is your funny image for the week.

I did a little painting, caulking, and shelf installing in bedrooms before we tackled the shelf install for the food pantry.  This pantry was small!  Well, I was asked to mark off the measurements (according to the paper) on the wall so it would be clear where to place the five shelves inside the pantry.  That seemed fair enough.  After I agreed, the rest of the conversation came to life.  There would be three of us in this pantry at once.  They needed one to hold the measuring tape at the top, one to hold it at the bottom, and me to mark everything off.

Have you ever seen a cartoon where the one character was smooshed against a window or wall?  That is how I felt in that closet that was not made to hold three people.  The two men got inside the pantry first to hold the measuring tape.  I was given the task of climbing over the one holding the tape from the bottom while not falling on either man.

Just think, when it came time to put the brackets in place, no one dared ask for more than one person to be in that pantry!  It was about two feet deep and two feet wide (based on the coziness inside the pantry) and I believe our shelves were about 16″ x 23″.  I am probably off on my guesstimates but it was cozy and I felt like we were breathing each other’s carbon dioxide instead of fresh oxygen!

This is the exact opposite of a complaint or grumble, it was me sharing a funny part of my volunteering experience.  My daughter seemed to have more fun seeing how she ended up with evidence of her painting, caulking, and paintbrush cleaning all over herself at the end of the day.   I did not get to clean (or get that dirty) because I was smooshed in the pantry.

Get out and volunteer and share a quick summary of a funny event with me in the comments below.


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