Update on Intense Exercise Challenge

After I completed my volunteer work on Saturday, I noticed that my thighs were a bit sore.  That’s what you call good pain from working out the previous day.

Yesterday we took a drive to a nearby city and instead of driving all around, we walked around a portion of the city for 3.5 hours.  I had (on previous days) worked my arms, abs, calves, and thigh muscles (no technical terms here).  All of those muscles decided to give me that good pain on my walking day!  Prior to yesterday, I was wondering if my intense 30- minute workouts were intense enough.

I’m on track and will continue with another three days of 30-minute intense workouts this week.  Some exercises I do on my own and others I do using a workout guide on the television.

If you want to join me then feel free to do so.  If you want me to describe what exercises I am doing then leave a comment so I will know you are interested.

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I enjoy volunteering as a means of helping others and meeting new people.

This past weekend I did some work for Habitat for Humanity and had a great time.  For those of you unfamiliar with my size from past posts, I am smaller in stature.  Now that I have put that out there, here is your funny image for the week.

I did a little painting, caulking, and shelf installing in bedrooms before we tackled the shelf install for the food pantry.  This pantry was small!  Well, I was asked to mark off the measurements (according to the paper) on the wall so it would be clear where to place the five shelves inside the pantry.  That seemed fair enough.  After I agreed, the rest of the conversation came to life.  There would be three of us in this pantry at once.  They needed one to hold the measuring tape at the top, one to hold it at the bottom, and me to mark everything off.

Have you ever seen a cartoon where the one character was smooshed against a window or wall?  That is how I felt in that closet that was not made to hold three people.  The two men got inside the pantry first to hold the measuring tape.  I was given the task of climbing over the one holding the tape from the bottom while not falling on either man.

Just think, when it came time to put the brackets in place, no one dared ask for more than one person to be in that pantry!  It was about two feet deep and two feet wide (based on the coziness inside the pantry) and I believe our shelves were about 16″ x 23″.  I am probably off on my guesstimates but it was cozy and I felt like we were breathing each other’s carbon dioxide instead of fresh oxygen!

This is the exact opposite of a complaint or grumble, it was me sharing a funny part of my volunteering experience.  My daughter seemed to have more fun seeing how she ended up with evidence of her painting, caulking, and paintbrush cleaning all over herself at the end of the day.   I did not get to clean (or get that dirty) because I was smooshed in the pantry.

Get out and volunteer and share a quick summary of a funny event with me in the comments below.


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Water Intake and Exercise Update

I am challenging myself to increase my water intake and have found that I am successful in this area.  I have been drinking over 5 glasses of water each day.

I started off drinking 5 glasses of  water but my glass is more than 12oz.  The key is for me to eliminate tea as an option.  Once I drink a glass of tea then I want another (whether brewed fresh or my daughter’s favorite big brand tea).

I moved from drinking from a smaller glass to a larger vessel.  I now drink 32oz at a time.  I refill about three times a day.  The downside is that I drink about three times a day instead of drinking throughout the day (if that makes sense).  I have always avoided drinking throughout the day.  I am used to drinking at specific times of the day so I will work on that.

As far as my exercise is concerned, let me say that I should reduce my exercise intensity to 30 minutes for three times a week.  I am physically active more but the intensity is not at a level that challenges me.  I am still on a mission to have Angela Bassett’s arms (at least), calves that scream “I work out”, and abs that reveal “abs not flabs” as my daughter says.

I will update you later on my progress.

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Maintain Your Home

Maintain your home because unexpected visitors appear each day. Perhaps too much clutter is a sign that you are holding onto so much mentally that it physically reveals itself in your home. The issue is out of hand when your office space resembles your home space. When do you have time to think and when are those thoughts truly clear?

Do you spend more time in someone else’s space because though you can identify areas of clutter, their space is more organized? Did you realize that a clean space attracts clutter unless you have boundaries in place that keep your clean space off limits and your discipline so automatic that it removes stray items before they pile up?

Maintain your home because unexpected visitors appear each day. Perhaps too little clutter is a sign that you are holding onto so much mentally that you’d rather clean up the physical evidence in hopes of no one asking or being close enough to notice the mental evidence. That issue is out of hand when the intimate level of your friends at work resembles your friends at home. When will you stop holding people an arm’s length away from the details of your life and trust others to help and not hurt you despite your clutter?

Do you spend more time in someone else’s space because they may never know the true you and that is acceptable to you? Did you realize that all those surface level relationships rob you of the true intimate relationships you need to continue to grow to the point of cleaning your own home? Healthy intimate relationships allow you to be who you are while helping you pick up every piece of clutter instead of adding to it or making you feel ashamed for having it.

Maintain your home because unexpected visitors appear each day.

Thank you for opening the door!  Hope to see you next time.

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Challenge Yourself

It is time to challenge yourself to grow outside your comfort zone in a particular area.

Pick an area of your life that could use improvement and challenge yourself to do better.  Do not think about it too long because that will lead to procrastination.  Perhaps you want to stop cussing (or cut back), start exercising (more), eat healthy, drink more water, socialize, clean a room, or have a more positive outlook on life.

Consider a goal of doing better for one week.  A week sounds more manageable than a month since you are outside your comfort zone, right?  Once you hit your week and you are on target then push for another week.  Keep pushing for a new week until you hit a month.  By the time you hit a month you can decide if you want to make this a habit.  Be proud of yourself for stepping outside your comfort zone whether you last a week or a month.

Now let’s say that you have an oopsie on day one.  Do not give up!  Keep going and assess what you can do to increase the chances of your success for the remainder of the day.  If you aim to stop cussing and cuss at the first car that cuts you off then continue to go the remainder of the day without cussing.  Do you need more motivation?  More accountability?  You are going outside your comfort zone so keep that in mind and imagine how much better you will feel for NOT giving up on yourself.

With that said, I will increase my water intake and include an hour workout each day as my two challenges.  My water intake is inconsistent and can be as little as one glass and as much as six glasses in one day.  I will aim at 5 glasses a day for now.  If I find that it is within my comfort zone then I will update you and increase it.  As far as my exercise, I can exercise for an hour easily but I tend to not push myself so I will increase my intensity each day.

Feel free to post how you will challenge yourself below.  If you run into an obstacle then let me know and I will try to provide feedback that can help you with your challenge.

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We are fighters! I want to encourage you to remember who you are so when it seems and feels like you are losing, you realize that you are a fighter. Do not give up on who you are or on your dreams of who you will become. FIGHT!!

If you are going through something and want to vent or chat then leave a comment below or chat with me over on my website 1Mayahking.com

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Show Appreciation (Action)

Show appreciation for your gift; your present (aka today). Don’t just thank God for each day, show Him you mean it.

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