Day 3 of 3- Day Green Smoothie Challenge

This is Day 3 of my green smoothie challenge. I kept my same routine due to my schedule keeping my busy hours the same.

I am happy to have reached my smoothie goal and be able to return to eating foods. I expected to be in the bathroom daily but it did not happen. I had no other expectations since I was only doing this for three consecutive days.

After church, I had a large green smoothie with spinach as my base. I added frozen mango chunks and frozen whole strawberries. There were only 10 berries and one cup of the mango chunks. I was not hungry when I fixed the smoothie after church but I was in the habit of fixing food to eat after church.

I wanted to try some cabbage that I have in the refrigerator but I was scared. I could not think of anything to have as a fruit to go with it. I decided to put the veggie in my Vitamix without a fruit, a healthy dose of cayenne pepper, and water. I wanted to see a few options that would be available if I were a person who could not eat solid foods but got tired of green smoothies. I made my warm soup and amazingly consumed it quicker than I did my green smoothie.

Perhaps I got tired of drinking all of my meals and just needed a break to give myself something to consume that was not in a glass. I could have eaten the green smoothies the same way but I am not sure that I would have liked them warm. Cabbage soup, spinach soup, green soup, and a host of other soups could be in rotation for those who cannot eat solid foods. I am grateful that I am not one of those people and can soon return to eating the foods I desire.

I spent last night thinking of all of the foods I will consume tomorrow. I see two benefits of the smoothie challenge not directly related to the foods I drank. One benefit is that I would like to see how I fare with eating breakfast for a week. I also want to continue being mindful of the foods that I consume and how often I consume them. On the smoothie challenge, I found that I only consumed two smoothies each day, which is under-eating for me. I would not find enough energy to do my daily tasks if I only ate two salads (two cups of greens and two cups of fruit) every day.

If you want to do any type of food challenge then stay open to your expectations and findings. It would be wrong for me to say that a green smoothie is bad because I am admitting that I know I did not consume enough. If I consumed enough and had fats in my smoothies then perhaps I would be typing something different. I could have been on the toilet, not dreaming of food (a green salad with avocado, fruit, and other fresh veggies), or had some other outcome.

Personal challenges always get me pumped because they test self-discipline and mental areas more than other tasks that I encounter on a typical day. I may not write about all of them but I enjoy at least one challenge every month.

Feel free to comment on your journey if you did the green smoothie challenge.

-          Mayah King

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Day 2 Smoothie Challenge

Day 2 of my challenge was a bit different. I decided not to take a frozen smoothie with me for my 5-mile walk. I did take two bottles of water but I did not drink it until after the walk when I was back in my car. I had a nice time and the walk was better because I was chatting with my daughter. I wanted to roll on one part of the walk and was almost sure I was walking up a smooth mountain during another portion of the walk. If I do not wake up with toned calves in the morning then I will be surprised.

While I am not hungry, I do desire to eat all of the food that is in the refrigerator. I currently crave rice and bean burritos but until I know what I want to stuff it with, I am fine to go without it. I could put some sautéed mushrooms in it and perhaps a salsa. Enough with the ideas; I need to stick to the topic at hand.

I realize that it is important to eat healthy as I have said before and I still like raw foods and whole foods. I also like smoothies and my daughter’s baked goods. Options that include these foods are endless so what is the big deal with me wanting to eat bad foods at times? Actually, what is wrong with me having a day where I am free to eat whatever I want while having another day that I eat two healthy meals and one meal that is as unhealthy as my teenage daughter can imagine eating?

Another thing that I have realized is that I do a lot of eating when I am not hungry. I eat when my daughter eats just because what she eats may be yummy. I eat when I see that the clock says it is going on 1p and I still haven’t eaten. I also eat when it is time for us to watch all of the recorded shows that we love. While this may be approximately two meals and two snacks, it is still a lot of unnecessary eating that I should not continue to overlook.

Anyway, I did not fix a smoothie until it was closer to 2p. I had romaine hearts (last of them) and some pineapple chunks. It was a light green color due to romaine hearts not being as dark-colored as spinach.

I fixed my dinner smoothie around 5:30p. I used three handfuls of baby kale, 1.5 cups of frozen mango chunks, and water. It had a thicker consistency due to the mango but I did not mind. I was pretending I was having something else. I will make this smoothie again but that is because I dig the taste of a nice mango.

After having green smoothies for two days straight and one day left to go, I think I will continue to keep smoothies in the same rotation that they currently hold. Once every couple of weeks will work for me since I steadily increase the fruits, vegetables, and greens we have in our meals.

-          Mayah King

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Day 1 Green Smoothie Challenge

Day 1 was not stressful for me. I do not expect to have many obstacles since I am only doing this for three days.

I left out of the house and did some running for a few hours before returning home slightly before lunch. I needed to catch up with some tasks online as well as crank out some more writing. I did not really start to get hungry or thirsty until around 2p. I drank some water and it seemed to take care of the issue.

I ended up fixing my green smoothie around 4:30p. I drank it over the span of about an hour to try to make it last. The last half a cup melted so I poured it down the sink because I do not drink the foamy stuff and any hint of frozen was long gone. The smoothie tasted “okay” but that is because I do not care for these peaches.

I used 2 handfuls of baby kale, 2 handfuls of mixed romaine hearts and radicchio, 1 cup of frozen peach slices and ½ c of frozen pineapple chunks. I used 1 cup of water to blend everything. It tasted like a blended green apple.

This will be my meal for the day. Remember, I did fast for the first portion of my day. I also want to eat when I am hungry but tonight I have to factor in my evening plans. I will have water if I get hungry once I return home.

-          Mayah KingDay 1 Green Smoothie

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First Sewn Outfit

I did finish my shirt this weekend to go with my skirt but I ran into some slight details (rain) that kept me from wearing a skirt to church this past Sunday.

My shirt, I rushed on it in some areas so it looks “homemade” but that is okay because this is my first outfit. My skirt is still super long and I did not adjust it but I had an idea in case I wore it Sunday. I took two long strips of fabric and made them into belts that I tie around my skirt (hidden under my shirt). I have also decided that it would be great if I take the fabric and put elastic in it to make it into a belt. I used to have a wide elastic belt when I was in middle school and it held my guts in place. I figure I can make my own elastic belt and not have it squeeze me but be firm enough to keep my skirt from falling down. When I adjust the hem of the skirt then it would look nice (and stay up) when I wear it with a different shirt and have my wide elastic belt to go with it.

I woke up to it being colder than I wanted it to be on Sunday, accompanied by raindrops. I figured the air would be on in church so I grabbed some pants. I could not ruin the “homemade” outfit look by wearing the shirt with some store bought pants so I wore a store bought outfit. I hope next Sunday will be warmer.

Oh, so the shirt, I rushed in a few areas so there are two hems that scream to be redone but I am ignoring them. Then, I keep forgetting that my material is not stretchy so this shirt is long but it would not comfortably go over my butt without squeezing me. I like my shirts long for all the technical people who hunt for panty lines on other women. I am not that great on remembering such details so I just wear longer shirts. Anyway, this shirt started bunching up at my waist just to avoid my butt. To help my shirt get over its fear, I cut the seams on both sides to widen the shirt. My shirt is happier and so am I.

1st Sewn Shirt Shirt Slits1st Sewn Skirt

-          Mayah King

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Day Before Smoothie Challenge

I will be starting my smoothie challenge tomorrow if anyone is going to be doing it with me. I will do my typical routine for when I start new eating challenges. Tonight (the night before challenge) I will finish eating earlier than normal so that the last drop of food enters my mouth hours before I go to sleep. Tomorrow I will likely fast for the first portion of the day, which means I will drink water for majority of the day. I usually get hungry late afternoon but I will try to keep drinking water until I feel that I need to have something to eat/drink other than water. This will probably take me through 1500 or 3pm and I will fix my first green smoothie. I may fix another smoothie around 1900 (7p) and this will be my last for the day.

The following day (Saturday for me), I will probably drink water and then have a smoothie later because I have a walk-a-thon that morning. I am not a morning eater and I am only walking 5 miles so water will be fine for me to drink that morning. I may have to break down and freeze a green smoothie so that by the time I have finished my walking then I will have a smoothie waiting for me to drink. This smoothie should tide me over until I finish any shopping (window- shopping) that I may want to do. Once I get home, I may fix another smoothie to help me feel full again because my daughter will likely be fixing her food.

Sunday (Day 3), if the frozen green smoothie worked for me then I will do this again for Sunday. I usually do not come straight home after church and a smoothie waiting for me will be a treat. This will allow me to walk without complaining about how hungry I am the entire time. When I get home from grocery shopping then I may fix another smoothie if I am hungry. If I am not hungry then I will just fix a smoothie later.

I am thinking that I may go ahead and freeze a smoothie tonight so that tomorrow early evening, I can test out the whole frozen smoothie thing. I usually have a thing against freezing my drinks. My mother used to freeze our milk when we were young and while the milk tasted fine, it did not have a pretty appearance as it thawed. To test this out, I will freeze my smoothie tonight and take it out of the freezer approximately four or five hours before I need to drink it.

I will not be using any juices or milks for my challenge. I will use nut butters, herbs, and other exciting variables after the challenge. Right now, I want to stick with simple green smoothies so that I have great smoothies each time and know that I can at least make seven different base smoothies to build upon later.

The smoothies that I will consume over the next two and a half days will be what I consider base smoothies. I will try to stick to a measurement that is 50/50 but not really. By this, I mean that I want to do like 2 cups of green leaves, 2 cups of fruit, and some water to help it blend (no more than a cup). I do not plan to use strawberries for these days because they are not sweet enough to compete with some of these greens. However, after the challenge then I have nothing against using a cup of strawberries with a cup of some other fruit to complement two cups of spinach.

Side note: Someone asked me what I had for dinner and I tried to explain that I had a green smoothie to prepare for a smoothie challenge that I am doing. Why did this person look at me like I was weird or diseased for being too slim to do a smoothie challenge? You know how I feel about people assuming that slender folk are healthy. I could get creative so when people ask me what I ate or am having, I will answer with my creative mind. “I had a nice big salad; it was basically some fruit on a bed of spinach with a glass of water. I am trying to get more fruits and vegetables in my life.” No one will look at you crazy for having a huge salad but for some, a green smoothie is like saying, “I had a glass of water for dinner”. Not that I mind the questions or looks just do not assume all skinny folk are healthy.

-          Mayah King

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Strawberry-Date Smoothie

I did not make a green smoothie today but I did make a strawberry-date smoothie. I wanted to have a base smoothie that I could use to see if dates were an adequate sweetener for me.

My goal for my green smoothie challenge will be to increase the greens that I use in smoothies without using honey as a sweetener. I would prefer to add more of a sweeter fruit but if that does not work then I would feel comfortable using dates to sweeten my smoothie.

I soaked my dates for almost an hour before putting it into my smoothie. My smoothie was quite simple to make which is typical for me. I like to know what exact ingredient makes my smoothies nasty so I know how to correct it the next time. With green smoothies I usually add way too much green and it tastes so nasty to me that I dare not add any extra fruit and waste more food. That may be my challenge, to accept a nasty smoothie and make it taste better by adding more fruit or mixing the fruit with an appropriate green. For example, my taste buds will not like strawberries combined with kale whether in a smoothie or a salad. A sweeter fruit may be more appropriate for such a strong green or I would try a green that has a weaker presence like baby spinach.

The smoothie today had about two cups of frozen whole strawberries, three soaked dates and their soak water, and about a cup of water. This tasted good and made approximately three cups of smoothie.

Strawberry-Date Smoothie

-          Mayah King

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Proof of Aerial Class Participation

I totally forgot to share a picture that my daughter took with her phone from my aerial class. This is what I did after the “cocoon”. I was peeking out of the cocoon so that she could take my picture. Prior to this picture, she had been pushing me and twirling me as though I was on some amusement park ride. The knot that you partially see me sitting on has a loop below it. The loop is what I had to step through each time while holding onto the two (now opened) silks you see me wrapped in. The loop is approximately three feet off the ground.

The image is something like this…

I am a wee taller than 5’ and this loop that I have to put my foot in is 3’ off the ground. Technically, I am to grab the silk, split it open into the two parts, and do this thing where I flip my legs from the ground through the openings in the silk and sit in the position above the knot. That was not happening for my first class let alone my third class.

My daughter pulled on the silk to get the loop as low as she could while I grabbed onto the loop to get my foot in it. Once my foot was in the loop then I grabbed the divided silk with all my might and pulled myself up off the ground into a standing position above the knot. I eventually got into a seated position on top of the knot and had to open up the back silk to make it into the back of my chair. Once it was open, I had to hold onto the opposite silk for dear life while I put my butt into the seat. With my butt in the seat, I put my legs across from me into the other silk and it helped open it wider where I pulled the silk around me (knees up close to my chest so I’m in a ball). My daughter swung me (more like pushed me really hard) and then after I finished being tossed about I uncurled my legs and peeped out for a picture.

The gray pants stop around my calf area so the exposed area (including my toes) is the area she wanted me to wash away the coconut oil.

Aerial Class

-          Mayah King

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