We are fighters! I want to encourage you to remember who you are so when it seems and feels like you are losing, you realize that you are a fighter. Do not give up on who you are or on your dreams of who you will become. FIGHT!!

If you are going through something and want to vent or chat then leave a comment below or chat with me over on my website

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Show Appreciation (Action)

Show appreciation for your gift; your present (aka today). Don’t just thank God for each day, show Him you mean it.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Local blog readers who want to chat with me today can find me in my chat room or at a “walk and talk” event I will be hosting today at La Cantera. I will be there at 6:45p to walk and talk about whatever topic you desire. Join me today so you can stay updated with each “walk and talk” session. Eventually, you may get all of your questions answered or at least have a ton of information to help transform you into who you desire to be (or share your information with others so they can learn). These events will be a way to get you moving while making new friends. Each walk will be about a mile and from there, we can advance to 3 mile hikes.

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Is Your Past Still Present?

Is your past still present? Did someone in your past tell you repeatedly that you could not do something and to this day, you still hold onto those words and sometimes doubt yourself?

Were you once in a relationship that was going well and then you found yourself alone because you did not heed the warning signs your partner gave you or your heart screamed at you? Now, today, you desire to be in a relationship again but part of you is afraid that history will repeat itself so you tell yourself and others in your circle that you are happy and content to be single and mingle.

Do you desire to live a healthier life, eat better, workout regularly but past failures in this area lead you with a bit of doubt in your attempts today?

Our thoughts are powerful. Choose today to start making your thoughts work in your favor.
Leave your comments below or come over to and chat with me to get some advice specific to your situation.

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Quality Friends

Do you have a standard for your friends?  Do your friends have to meet and maintain certain qualifications to be considered your friend?

Do you have something to offer your friends and vice versa?  What happens when your friends no longer meet your need as a friend?

Do you take it seriously when those you interact with constantly give off negative energy? Do you accept your friends for who they are even if it means that they drain you or are you okay with communicating to them that you need space because you have grown to a point where your needs now differ from what they are willing to offer you?

Leave a comment below if you desire or come over to and chat with me.  I will be hanging out until about 6p CST.

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First Hike

I went hiking for the first time today and it was fun!  If you want to push your limits then take a hike (literally) and take some water with you.

Here is the funny part to show my ignorance.  I figured since I love walking that I could do 2.55 miles of hiking in the wilderness.  They have a trail, right?  Okay, so the trail wasn’t exactly paved and there were some parts of the trail that were as narrow as me.  WHY did I have to grab hold of a tree branch at two different times to help me step up?  For those of you aware of my “issues” touching nature is a huge “no” for me.  I mean, I do double-takes before touching a leaf of my peppermint plant.  I can BE in nature but I prefer not to touch it or have it touch me.  Go figure.  Actually, do not try to figure it out.

I had a blast even though I needed to stop and rest or risk passing out in front of everyone.  Mental note…have a smoothie prior to the walk next time and breath at a more relaxed pace.  I will be doing it again next week even though my 2.55 miles (approximately 2.2 mph) at Level 4 was hard, I believe I am addicted.  I work my legs a lot so they should not hurt tomorrow.

Now to eat my pound of steamed broccoli as my reward!

If you have done something new to physically push yourself (exercise) then leave a comment below.  If you have not done anything then strongly consider doing something new with other people.  I hiked with two complete strangers and one carried her daughter on her back the entire time.  Yes, I weigh no more than 115 pounds and slowed the group down while this mother was carrying an extra 40 pounds on her back.  The thing is, I did it and I’m going to do it again and I encourage you to step out and make it happen.  There are complete strangers out there who will do it with you and even slow stop when you need them to stop.  I found my group through after a friend clued me in on their existence.

- Mayah King

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How Long Will You Stay? – Abuse

The message of this post is actually in the title.  Abuse is asking you how long will you stay?

Do not get comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.

- Mayah King

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