Time Does Not Heal All Wounds

I know people claim that time heals all wounds but that is not entirely true.

Physical, Psychological, and Financial wounds are a few things that time alone cannot heal. If I have a financial wound (bills outweigh my income) but do not change my habits or salary then five years from now (time) I will still have that same wound. If you struggle with a bad habit and decide to avoid it for three years does that mean that you are no longer weak in that area? No, it means that you have avoided the habit successfully for three years. If you are tempted with something that you have avoided, how do you react?

You leave a toxic relationship and give yourself “time” to be alone and find balance. A “cutie” comes into your life and you find yourself in the same type of relationship. You gave yourself time alone but how can time alone lead you to time to heal if you don’t know what is wrong with you. You just know what is wrong with them and that you keep attracting or being attracted to the wrong people.

You want to forgive someone who wronged you. Years later, you realize the person that hurt you years ago still stings like a fresh wound. The mention of that person’s name makes you cringe. Time cannot heal a wound any more than saying you forgive someone erases all memories of their offense. You must address the wounds and the patches you put over the wound. When you actively address, not ignore, these wounds then yes, time will help you heal. Once your mind improves, your actions align with your new thoughts. Now you see the results of your higher standards. Demand higher standards from yourself before you expect them from others.

If you need help to that higher platform, I am right here.

  • Mayah King
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What Do I Really Do?

I help you understand why you cover or ignore your unhealed wound so that it can #heal. Unhealed #wounds drain you because you use energy to hide or ignore them. After a while, you get so used to covering it that it becomes a part of your life (it is hard to fix what you no longer see). That hiding and ignoring carries with it negative thoughts. Realize that if you did not consider the wound to be shameful or something negative then you would not have taken the time to hide it in the first place.

You have a wound covered in negativity (thoughts, actions, habits, etc.) and your life reflects it. Once the wound heals, you have a new positive way of thinking and seeing yourself. The best part is that with the wound treated, you are ready to act in alignment with your new mindset. If your new thinking falls short then the wound remains unhealed.

The ultimate win is that you think and process better so you do (live) better. The things you felt were outside your reach become your next goal. It does not stop there because once you reach that goal you set another because you continue the cycle of thinking, doing, and living better. Do you see your abundant life now? Renew your mind and let the rest be your best.

- Mayah King

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Talk To Me Tuesday

Talk to Me Tuesday:

This is your chance to #ask me something you would like help with or to get to know me better.

You can enter a comment below or take a more private route.

- Mayah King

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Health Challenge

How responsible are you for your own physical #health?  Do you KNOW you should take better care of yourself but replace the action with excuses?  Don’t allow #medication to be your only form of addressing your physical health.  High blood pressure, diabetes, weight management, exercise routine, asthma, etc.

Do you eat food and get sleepy soon after?  Did you know that even though you accept this as “normal” it is not?

I #challenge you to improve one aspect of your health that you have been overlooking or neglecting.

Imagine how much more responsible you would be if you were held accountable for your actions?  If you feel your attempts will only lead to failure, come up with a plan that works with your exact needs and personality.  If you need help then let me know.

- Mayah King

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Signs You Need to Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself! Here are a few signs to show that you have not forgiven yourself.

You experienced abuse and fully admit that the event was not your fault. Deep down, you wonder what the outcome would be if you did not do, go, or say things against your better judgment. Even if you were not in a position to choose on your own, these thoughts still run through your mind. This is a sign that you have not forgiven yourself!

Stay with me (it gets long but has a lot of helpful info)…

You stand up and move beyond your traumatic event (abuse, failed relationship, a bad habit, etc.) by dusting yourself off and giving yourself another chance. A pop-quiz comes into your life and you have a pass or fail grade coming your way. The person greets you with a smile, makes you feel safe and alive, and offers you to experience this feeling again. You think you can handle yourself because you have learned, grown, and healed from the experience that knocked you down. The habit can no longer claim you, fear can no longer keep you from life, and you know this person is better than the last so you are ready to take another step forward. **Depending on the situation, this type of reasoning is your signal that you should NOT do what it is that you are persuading yourself to do. When you decide to go against the reasoning to stay away, you fail the pop-quiz and now the quiz becomes a test; a test of you continuing to reason with the voice telling you to run from whatever situation you are in whether you physically see it or not at this time.

Do you see how you have NOT forgiven yourself for your past? You blame yourself for something you likely had no control over at that time. You think that because you have grown, matured, or learned defense mechanisms that you are able to do what that small voice tells you not to do. You have grown to not trust yourself. You do not trust yourself because you have not truly forgiven yourself.

That small voice (your first mind) should not be ignored. Did you know that if you do not forgive yourself then you will NOT heed your first mind, that initial thought/gut feeling because you subconsciously feel that it let you down long ago. If your first mind were always right then you would have done things differently in the initial situation to avoid that pain, abuse, disrespect, embarrassment, etc. Make sense?

The longer you refuse to forgive yourself, the deeper you dig to determine what you should do. If you continue to hold things against yourself then you will keep going in circles.

It takes a LOT more words to fully explain this but trust me. Take a self- assessment.  Let’s use sexual abuse because it’s my specialty. If you enter a relationship and you have not forgiven yourself and healed those wounds associated with the abuse, you see that person and begin to admire them even if your initial thought was to stay away from that person. Within two solid weeks of you knowing that person, you saw signs that it was not going to be a good fit. You ignored it because you wanted to give that person the benefit of a doubt. A month is about to come to pass and you have more reasons why it will not work. But is it them or you that has the issue? How will you get beyond the trust issues and pain associated with your past unless you give your all? You opt to give your all and eventually realize that your all was not good enough. Giving your all puts you in another situation to be disrespected, shamed, or taken advantage of by a different person. Now you have even more reasons not to trust yourself. Do you see how you are going in circles?

When you refuse to forgive yourself it appears in relationships (friends and potential mates), daily decisions (career, finances, health, etc.), and major decisions.

I have tried to condense this information for you in an effort to help you.

Again, I have over 20 years’ experience in helping others with these and many more hidden barriers to living an abundant life. If you desire one-on-one assistance then I am willing to work with you to get you on track.

#Forgive, #AbundantLife, #SexualAbuse

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Simple Dinners

My daughter is in another state so that means I get to eat whatever I want with no complaints.  I mean, I can still eat whatever when she is here but I would hear complaints.

For example:

If she were here and I fixed green beans for dinner and nothing else then I would hear complaints.  So I fixed green beans for dinner the other day and it was good and yummy for my tummy.  Nothing to go with it but more green beans until I ate them all.  I was so happy.

Yesterday I had salad.  Well, more like leaves tossed in vinegar, oil, and spices.  I had no tomatoes in the house or additives to put in it so I had a huge bowl of leaves.  Since she does not like salad, I would have heard complaints.

The day before that…hummus and chips.  I made my own hummus as usual because the store-bought stuff always seems nasty after the second bite.  I dumped some random stuff in it but the main flavors were garlic and cayenne.  Poor hummus did not even last ten minutes.

I enjoy these simple dinners.  When she returns, I can still have them but sometimes it just helps you eat happier when you are “having what she’s having” and we comment on the yumminess as a family.  Oh, and I am just having a ball with no meat in the house and so is my budget!  The things I do out of love.

- Mayah King

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Unasked Questions from Tuesday

“Talk to Me Tuesday” was a way for my various readers to connect with me on different levels.

I have heard from several readers that they have questions for me but missed the deadline.  There will be another “Talk to Me Tuesday” but if you miss any Tuesday, it is okay, you can talk to me any day.

I do not want anyone to think that I am distant.


- Mayah King

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