Dirty Green Smoothie

I used the leftover “Clean Green Smoothie” to make a Dirty Smoothie. I have never had any of those professional alcoholic beverages and decided it was time to have a smoothie that sounded alcoholic.

What made my smoothie “dirty”? I added some Hershey’s cocoa to it. It is 100% unsweetened baking cocoa but it is not the cacao nibs I was supposed to use. The first sip of it tasted like it could be good. A nice chocolate taste to my Green Smoothie would be an unexpected treat. Once the first sip made it over all the humps of my taste buds then I changed my mind. It tasted like it wanted to be chocolaty but it lacked motivation. Will I make a Dirty Green Smoothie again? I doubt it because you are either chocolate or not, no half-stepping. I am not one of those people who love chocolate either. I actually request that I do not get chocolates for Valentine’s Day…so my mommy buys me truffles! My other momma gets me truffles for Christmas. I have adopted relatives because I move a lot and people treat me as their own family. My other momma would dig this “Dirty Green Smoothie” because she does not jump for joy over sweets. Then again, she would probably just stick with the “Clean” version which is what I should have done.

I tried to get down and dirty but it did not work this time. I added more of the cocoa but it did not help so I introduced it to my garbage disposal. I treated myself to the other half of the avocado, mixed with salt and cayenne, to make sure I do not get hungry later.  The other half of the banana is wishing it had some love but the freezer is full of half bananas from previous attempts of me being buddies with bananas.

Maybe I will try it with the cacao nibs another time but if I do not buy them, the smoothie was great as is. My lesson was either to stay away from alcoholic names for smoothies or leave them “clean” as they are supposed to be. I like to experiment; I was nibless but had cocoa so I tried it. For those wanting to try the Clean Green Smoothie and have no cacao nibs do NOT put in 100% cocoa as a substitute. I am so glad I saved my experiment for half of my smoothie and did not add it to my entire drink. If you want to ignore my warning, then make a “clean” drink and experiment in smaller doses. If I get nibs in the house then I will make the smoothie plain then add the cacao to a smaller serving.

Thank you, Michele for telling me that I could NOT substitute 100% cocoa in place of cacao nibs.  You saved my “drank”.

-          Mayah King

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Clean Green Smoothie

I made the “Clean Green Smoothie” (comment section) today that Michele (Powerball) challenged me to try last week. I need to start this article off with a huge disclaimer.

I am one of those people who do not measure and I tend to overanalyze things. This smoothie was no exception to the rule. I have no clue what a “bunch” of mint is because it was in tiny packages so I used two packages. A little minty taste won’t hurt, right? I then wondered how much was two handfuls of spinach. I mean, I used the entire container since it was 5oz but it took three handfuls for me to get it from the sink to the blender (I used both hands three times). Is a handful using one hand or two? Are your hands bigger or smaller than mine are? I do not cut straight so the avocado knew it was not going to be cut in half but if the seed is super huge like mine, do you still use half? I used a pear and definitely used half a banana and held it up against the other half to make sure I was using half a banana. Now, was the banana my daughter picked up average or slightly larger than average? I used 2T of flax because I did not buy any chia yet but did not want that to hold me back from having a “clean” drink today.

Was I supposed to measure the liquids because the coconut water was 16.9oz so I poured until I figured it was enough and I did the same with the unsweetened almond milk? I think my mind wanted me to pour a bit more coconut water in hopes of getting some sort of sweet taste since the almond milk was not going to offer me any. Unfortunately, I did have to fix my drink nibless because I did not make it to Whole Foods to search their aisles for cacao nibs.

While I love ice, I did not put any in my drink. I just made the drink and threw the glass in the freezer for a wee bit (45min). I would like to see how it would taste with the cacao nibs but messing up the ingredient list will be a great excuse for me in case the drink is nasty.

I did taste the mint to make sure it was minty. The mint that I purchased actually helps those who are less fortunate. I reckon the organization is called project ROW.  I picked it up for the mint but helping an organization that helps others is a plus.

Thank you, Michele! I tasted the drink and it was good and yummy for my tummy! It tasted minty and I did not taste any of the spinach. I did taste the banana but it was not overpowering and I do not care to taste bananas. I tasted the little bits of pear but the stronger tastes were the mint and then way down the line there was the banana. I know the avocado made it thicker and provided good fat, which means it will keep me full for a bit longer. I did not taste the coconut water or the unsweetened almond milk. I do not want to make you think it tasted like a minty banana because it didn’t. It was yummy and I would love to make this drink again (if I didn’t have to hunt all over for the mint and pears). Do they sell mint by the bunch or just in those little packs?

At the end of the day, I gave Michele a lot of lip about a drink that sounded like it would put me on the toilet. If it puts me on the potty then I will be okay with it. I wanted a minty drink and this one is nice, makes its presence known, but it not overpowering. Thank you for the recipe and challenge, Michele. I think we are on the same page. You have 2 for 2.

I had approximately four cups of clean green smoothie. I drank one glass (about 16oz); can you imagine what I did with the other half of the smoothie? Stay tuned.

Clean Green Smoothie courtesy of Powerball:

Clean Green Smoothie
1 bunch fresh mint
2 handfuls spinach
1/2 avocado
1/2 banana (maybe sub another 1/2 avocado)
1 pear
2 Tbsp. cacao nibs
2 Tbsp. chia seeds
4 oz coconut water
4 oz unsweetened almond milk
2 handfuls ice


Avocado Half Mint Mint Package Clean Green Smoothie

-          Mayah King

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Inside Herb Garden?

I want to grow my own herbs but I want them to grow inside my home. If anyone has done this then please reply below. I have a ton of questions and am willing to even read up on websites but I cannot seem to find all of my answers.

I want to grow some mint, basil, and cilantro in the house but if I can only pick one then I would pick mint. I have a huge issue with those tiny bugs that end up in the soil so I am wondering if there is a way to make sure they do not appear. I also do not like the little flying bugs that end up on plants. These things (bugs) will be inside my home.

A woman told me that she actually bakes her soil before using it to kill off any bugs or eggs. I do not ever see myself putting dirt in my oven. I have read there is some expensive soil that comes dry because they have already baked it and kept it secure from bugs and eggs.

If anyone grows their own herbs inside the home then comment below so I can see if inside gardening is for me. I want to grow my herbs inside where I can see how they are doing on a regular basis. My mind would wander and imagine birds, flies, and everything else on my plants if I put them on the patio to burn in the noonday sun. I know this happens with my other foods but I allow myself to eat it (after I wash it) because it is my only option unless I grow my own.

Do not be afraid to comment. Thank you in advance.

-          Mayah King

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Daughter’s Finished Stuffed Elephant

My daughter finished stuffing her elephant. She had stuffed it and somehow taken out a few seams so she ended up having to sew it up again in a few spots. His arms were a bit longer and straighter than she felt they should be so she got creative with how to get them to look more natural. She put a band around his arms and legs (or four legs), brought the band to the end (½” from the end), and let the stuffed animal sit in that position for a few days.

She keeps him put up since it will be a baby’s gift. She is proud of her accomplishment but I do not know that she became best buds with the sewing machine. She has yet to finish a skirt because she says the needle keeps eating her material. I saw her sewing part of her skirt by hand. I am not sure if the sewing machine will gather dust or if I will be bold enough to continue to sew things. I will do something else because I still have some material. I do not know what the future holds for the sewing machine but I have a place on the shelf for it in case things do not work out between us.

Stuffed Elephant Front Stuffed Elephant Back

-          Mayah King

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Day 3 of 3- Day Green Smoothie Challenge

This is Day 3 of my green smoothie challenge. I kept my same routine due to my schedule keeping my busy hours the same.

I am happy to have reached my smoothie goal and be able to return to eating foods. I expected to be in the bathroom daily but it did not happen. I had no other expectations since I was only doing this for three consecutive days.

After church, I had a large green smoothie with spinach as my base. I added frozen mango chunks and frozen whole strawberries. There were only 10 berries and one cup of the mango chunks. I was not hungry when I fixed the smoothie after church but I was in the habit of fixing food to eat after church.

I wanted to try some cabbage that I have in the refrigerator but I was scared. I could not think of anything to have as a fruit to go with it. I decided to put the veggie in my Vitamix without a fruit, a healthy dose of cayenne pepper, and water. I wanted to see a few options that would be available if I were a person who could not eat solid foods but got tired of green smoothies. I made my warm soup and amazingly consumed it quicker than I did my green smoothie.

Perhaps I got tired of drinking all of my meals and just needed a break to give myself something to consume that was not in a glass. I could have eaten the green smoothies the same way but I am not sure that I would have liked them warm. Cabbage soup, spinach soup, green soup, and a host of other soups could be in rotation for those who cannot eat solid foods. I am grateful that I am not one of those people and can soon return to eating the foods I desire.

I spent last night thinking of all of the foods I will consume tomorrow. I see two benefits of the smoothie challenge not directly related to the foods I drank. One benefit is that I would like to see how I fare with eating breakfast for a week. I also want to continue being mindful of the foods that I consume and how often I consume them. On the smoothie challenge, I found that I only consumed two smoothies each day, which is under-eating for me. I would not find enough energy to do my daily tasks if I only ate two salads (two cups of greens and two cups of fruit) every day.

If you want to do any type of food challenge then stay open to your expectations and findings. It would be wrong for me to say that a green smoothie is bad because I am admitting that I know I did not consume enough. If I consumed enough and had fats in my smoothies then perhaps I would be typing something different. I could have been on the toilet, not dreaming of food (a green salad with avocado, fruit, and other fresh veggies), or had some other outcome.

Personal challenges always get me pumped because they test self-discipline and mental areas more than other tasks that I encounter on a typical day. I may not write about all of them but I enjoy at least one challenge every month.

Feel free to comment on your journey if you did the green smoothie challenge.

-          Mayah King

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Day 2 Smoothie Challenge

Day 2 of my challenge was a bit different. I decided not to take a frozen smoothie with me for my 5-mile walk. I did take two bottles of water but I did not drink it until after the walk when I was back in my car. I had a nice time and the walk was better because I was chatting with my daughter. I wanted to roll on one part of the walk and was almost sure I was walking up a smooth mountain during another portion of the walk. If I do not wake up with toned calves in the morning then I will be surprised.

While I am not hungry, I do desire to eat all of the food that is in the refrigerator. I currently crave rice and bean burritos but until I know what I want to stuff it with, I am fine to go without it. I could put some sautéed mushrooms in it and perhaps a salsa. Enough with the ideas; I need to stick to the topic at hand.

I realize that it is important to eat healthy as I have said before and I still like raw foods and whole foods. I also like smoothies and my daughter’s baked goods. Options that include these foods are endless so what is the big deal with me wanting to eat bad foods at times? Actually, what is wrong with me having a day where I am free to eat whatever I want while having another day that I eat two healthy meals and one meal that is as unhealthy as my teenage daughter can imagine eating?

Another thing that I have realized is that I do a lot of eating when I am not hungry. I eat when my daughter eats just because what she eats may be yummy. I eat when I see that the clock says it is going on 1p and I still haven’t eaten. I also eat when it is time for us to watch all of the recorded shows that we love. While this may be approximately two meals and two snacks, it is still a lot of unnecessary eating that I should not continue to overlook.

Anyway, I did not fix a smoothie until it was closer to 2p. I had romaine hearts (last of them) and some pineapple chunks. It was a light green color due to romaine hearts not being as dark-colored as spinach.

I fixed my dinner smoothie around 5:30p. I used three handfuls of baby kale, 1.5 cups of frozen mango chunks, and water. It had a thicker consistency due to the mango but I did not mind. I was pretending I was having something else. I will make this smoothie again but that is because I dig the taste of a nice mango.

After having green smoothies for two days straight and one day left to go, I think I will continue to keep smoothies in the same rotation that they currently hold. Once every couple of weeks will work for me since I steadily increase the fruits, vegetables, and greens we have in our meals.

-          Mayah King

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Day 1 Green Smoothie Challenge

Day 1 was not stressful for me. I do not expect to have many obstacles since I am only doing this for three days.

I left out of the house and did some running for a few hours before returning home slightly before lunch. I needed to catch up with some tasks online as well as crank out some more writing. I did not really start to get hungry or thirsty until around 2p. I drank some water and it seemed to take care of the issue.

I ended up fixing my green smoothie around 4:30p. I drank it over the span of about an hour to try to make it last. The last half a cup melted so I poured it down the sink because I do not drink the foamy stuff and any hint of frozen was long gone. The smoothie tasted “okay” but that is because I do not care for these peaches.

I used 2 handfuls of baby kale, 2 handfuls of mixed romaine hearts and radicchio, 1 cup of frozen peach slices and ½ c of frozen pineapple chunks. I used 1 cup of water to blend everything. It tasted like a blended green apple.

This will be my meal for the day. Remember, I did fast for the first portion of my day. I also want to eat when I am hungry but tonight I have to factor in my evening plans. I will have water if I get hungry once I return home.

-          Mayah KingDay 1 Green Smoothie

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