First Hike

I went hiking for the first time today and it was fun!  If you want to push your limits then take a hike (literally) and take some water with you.

Here is the funny part to show my ignorance.  I figured since I love walking that I could do 2.55 miles of hiking in the wilderness.  They have a trail, right?  Okay, so the trail wasn’t exactly paved and there were some parts of the trail that were as narrow as me.  WHY did I have to grab hold of a tree branch at two different times to help me step up?  For those of you aware of my “issues” touching nature is a huge “no” for me.  I mean, I do double-takes before touching a leaf of my peppermint plant.  I can BE in nature but I prefer not to touch it or have it touch me.  Go figure.  Actually, do not try to figure it out.

I had a blast even though I needed to stop and rest or risk passing out in front of everyone.  Mental note…have a smoothie prior to the walk next time and breath at a more relaxed pace.  I will be doing it again next week even though my 2.55 miles (approximately 2.2 mph) at Level 4 was hard, I believe I am addicted.  I work my legs a lot so they should not hurt tomorrow.

Now to eat my pound of steamed broccoli as my reward!

If you have done something new to physically push yourself (exercise) then leave a comment below.  If you have not done anything then strongly consider doing something new with other people.  I hiked with two complete strangers and one carried her daughter on her back the entire time.  Yes, I weigh no more than 115 pounds and slowed the group down while this mother was carrying an extra 40 pounds on her back.  The thing is, I did it and I’m going to do it again and I encourage you to step out and make it happen.  There are complete strangers out there who will do it with you and even slow stop when you need them to stop.  I found my group through after a friend clued me in on their existence.

- Mayah King

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How Long Will You Stay? – Abuse

The message of this post is actually in the title.  Abuse is asking you how long will you stay?

Do not get comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.

- Mayah King

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Be Positive

If you do not believe in yourself then why do you expect others to believe in you?  Most people will only stoop to your level for so long before they let you wallow in your own pity.

If you do not believe that you can achieve something then pour love and encouragement into yourself until you start believing.  You have the dream or idea for a reason and it is not to imagine how good you can be if you were someone else.

When you believe in yourself, you can do powerful things.  Do not give the task of believing in yourself to others.  Get in the habit of loving yourself.

- Mayah King

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Negative People

How do you handle people who are negative each time you interact with them?  Does it drain you if you are more upbeat and positive than those in your circle?  Do you have people in your circle that uplift and encourage you to keep moving forward?  Do you have people in your circle that challenge you when you do something that contradicts what you say?

When working with clients or helping those I connect with, I love to be that positive voice for them.  Eventually, they realize that the negative people in their environment pulled them down more than they desired.  We all want to be there for our friends and family but it is important to set boundaries so that you are not pulled to uncomfortable levels.

Do not be afraid to refine your circle.  You only have one life and I can tell you that it is a great life when you are free to explore and challenge your limits.  It is not a good feeling to interact with negative people that kill your mood or challenge your intelligence for wanting to better yourself.

- Mayah King

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Forgive Ray Rice?

Forgive ‪#‎RayRice‬? There are a few questions raised by the article and video that will have an impact on their lives. First of all, I am a huge fan of living my life as close to Christ’s as the Word outlines. I do have flaws and lows but I dare not think I can bounce back without Him. I feel it is impossible for me to be acceptable in my own eyesight let alone others without Him.

I will not dwell, but the other thing is that I feel “Google” should not be the one to introduce this incident to his daughter years down the line. I am a firm believer in TRUST and HONESTY so the incident should be revealed to the daughter before that time comes. My standards and my child have a different relationship so at the age of two, I would have apologized to her because my heart would have not been in a place to hide such an incident from her. When she gets older, I would speak on it again, but the world would not be the first to tell my daughter about something that concerns me.

Feedback and comments welcome…

Here is the article if you are like me and out of touch with sports.


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Living a Lie

When your walk and talk are not in sync then stop talking because your actions speak for you.

- Mayah King

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Your Foundation

There is a foundation that helps you hold it all together so when life seems to be falling apart, consider the condition of your foundation.

- Mayah King

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