Knowing and Doing Better

Often you know that there are things you can do to have a better outcome in a particular situation but you lack the motivation.

Take your end goal and visualize your life with that goal accomplished. How will the goal look and how will you feel? How do you feel when you accomplish things in general? Will this goal make you feel even better about yourself?

Gather as much motivation as you can in various forms. It is acceptable to break the process down to smaller actions so that you can accomplish your goal without feeling discouraged.

Once you have your motivation and that initial step laid out then GO. If time is your excuse then set a timer for five minutes and push yourself to see how much can be accomplished. When the timer goes off, and you find that you are doing well then keep going but do not overwork yourself.

It is also perfectly acceptable to ask others to hold you accountable. If your accountability partner will accept the excuses you pass their way then select a different person, someone you will not want to let down.

You do not need others to motivate you to do better. Go ahead and try it.

  • Mayah King
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Follower Appreciation

To show my appreciation for your questions and feedback, I am reducing my services to half price. Instead of paying $4,000 to work with me for 90 days, I will cut the price to $2,000 until those designated (but limited) spots fill up. **While I do not have a cutoff day, your chances of working with me at the reduced rate are better when you act very quickly as I have followers in many areas so this post will be given to them as well.

This price will NOT be on my website because this offer is for my followers.

An overview of how I have been transforming minds and pushing others to higher standards of living for over 20 years:

I work directly with you to uncover what thoughts and actions you currently allow to limit you from your full potential. Your full potential is what you describe to me without limitations. You will work through several exercises customized to your personality and limiting thoughts or behaviors. By the second month, you will learn how to replace the negative with positive. You will essentially learn how to fill yourself instead of engaging in your former negative behavior(s). Finally, you will put your new mindset into a customized action plan to get you closer to whatever you came to me desiring. You will have strong accountability and encouragement throughout the entire process. All sessions are confidential.

I have many clients who seek assistance with relationships, boundaries, weight loss, trust, forgiveness, insecurity, shame, self-love, confidence, and many other areas they initially could not master.

Your thoughts lead to action (or inaction). If you have empowering thoughts then your actions align. I empower you to have positive thoughts of yourself at your core. Then I direct attention to the area(s) that negatively affect the actions. Once your core thoughts transform, your actions will follow. I guarantee you will see this change prior to the end of the program.

For those of you who want to know the quick numbers, you are getting 90 days with one session (90 minutes) each week and a regular follow-up from me based on your preference, which can range from 5-7 days each week. This is well over 18 hours at approximately $112/hr. This time does NOT include any follow-ups and the price does not factor in the customization of your plan or the follow-ups.

**Please note that I only work with individuals who are open to change and ready to change now. If you are not ready to change your negative thoughts or actions then THIS program is not for you. I do work with individuals who are not ready to change but due to the amount of time and energy necessary, it is not a service that I offer online.

If you have questions or if you would like to take advantage of this rate then email me before the last slots fill up.  Thank you again for following me!

- Mayah King

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Whaddya Do Wednesday?

Do you invest time and money into your future (which is not guaranteed)?


Do you invest time and money into your NOW?


Open discussion.  Feel free to comment below.

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I was never meant to be quiet(ed).  I just assumed the position.

- Donyelle Owens

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Time Does Not Heal All Wounds

I know people claim that time heals all wounds but that is not entirely true.

Physical, Psychological, and Financial wounds are a few things that time alone cannot heal. If I have a financial wound (bills outweigh my income) but do not change my habits or salary then five years from now (time) I will still have that same wound. If you struggle with a bad habit and decide to avoid it for three years does that mean that you are no longer weak in that area? No, it means that you have avoided the habit successfully for three years. If you are tempted with something that you have avoided, how do you react?

You leave a toxic relationship and give yourself “time” to be alone and find balance. A “cutie” comes into your life and you find yourself in the same type of relationship. You gave yourself time alone but how can time alone lead you to time to heal if you don’t know what is wrong with you. You just know what is wrong with them and that you keep attracting or being attracted to the wrong people.

You want to forgive someone who wronged you. Years later, you realize the person that hurt you years ago still stings like a fresh wound. The mention of that person’s name makes you cringe. Time cannot heal a wound any more than saying you forgive someone erases all memories of their offense. You must address the wounds and the patches you put over the wound. When you actively address, not ignore, these wounds then yes, time will help you heal. Once your mind improves, your actions align with your new thoughts. Now you see the results of your higher standards. Demand higher standards from yourself before you expect them from others.

If you need help to that higher platform, I am right here.

  • Mayah King
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What Do I Really Do?

I help you understand why you cover or ignore your unhealed wound so that it can #heal. Unhealed #wounds drain you because you use energy to hide or ignore them. After a while, you get so used to covering it that it becomes a part of your life (it is hard to fix what you no longer see). That hiding and ignoring carries with it negative thoughts. Realize that if you did not consider the wound to be shameful or something negative then you would not have taken the time to hide it in the first place.

You have a wound covered in negativity (thoughts, actions, habits, etc.) and your life reflects it. Once the wound heals, you have a new positive way of thinking and seeing yourself. The best part is that with the wound treated, you are ready to act in alignment with your new mindset. If your new thinking falls short then the wound remains unhealed.

The ultimate win is that you think and process better so you do (live) better. The things you felt were outside your reach become your next goal. It does not stop there because once you reach that goal you set another because you continue the cycle of thinking, doing, and living better. Do you see your abundant life now? Renew your mind and let the rest be your best.

- Mayah King

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Talk To Me Tuesday

Talk to Me Tuesday:

This is your chance to #ask me something you would like help with or to get to know me better.

You can enter a comment below or take a more private route.

- Mayah King

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